Women and men .. Partners not rivals !!

That women can not have children out of the blue, and a check of her maternity highest enjoyed by only a sense of the presence of man,
There are the responsibility of the women can not be performed by the man,
Accordingly, one woman and man complement each other and can not be laid off for life from one another to continue, and this instinct we do not find her swapped.
Despite this problem since the beginning of the list of social awareness among people on the issue of equality between women and men in rights and duties, and in their respective roles,
It may be some understanding of this equality is a clear sign that the subject is far from out of the maze.

We can not in this regard that cancel those physiological differences between the sexes, and therefore we need to understand the implications of these differences between men and women on the basis of scientific understanding that we can understand the true reality,
This does not mean that assess the degree of preference or superiority or civil sex on sex.

When differ equation in the family or in the bypass due to a gender role in life or inaction on the exercise of that role, the real problem begins to explain this imbalance throwing unsubstantiated accusations and the non-scientific community rules uncertain.

If a man abandoned his role anguish the family and the husband of a breadwinner and women and carry that responsibility somehow upset the balance of life! If a woman tolerated in the practice of family duties and drew their attention outside of her home and her husband and children also upset the balance of life.
If a man of true manhood waiver of women and waived her femininity do not think that life can upright.

This year, the social framework, it does not mean never exclude women from exercising their natural role as a partner of the man in the construction of life, has demonstrated capacity to do so,
And was able to check itself and its presence in society, but was able to excel in many scientific disciplines and service, and is found in every field and in every forum, participated in everything the man was on his side and with him on an equal footing.

Women have long suffered in the dark ages of ignorance and trance and injustice, and we can hold it to the loss of spiritual values ​​and teachings directed to the movement of life, and to the influence of the most powerful man physically

But it all went and passed where now that there is no difference (between a male and a female …)
Women are half of society and partner, a man half of the society and also two halves complement circle survival and continuation of life is not to dispense with one another, and can not be in the cut-throat conflicts also provokes some
We can not achieve one victory over the other, as are not in a war zone and are supposed to be equal partners in the process of life and building, complement one another and not to abolish it.

This is the rule, but the exception is opposers do not count on it.

But in these days has taken us maze of blind imitation those who claim to lead the cultural, imitate some of the men and women, and men imitate some of them, and when the case came to this misconception must would be fundamentally disturbed the balance of the community,
And breakthroughs that will fuel the flames Find complementary formula between men and women mixing in our hands when we shy away from the understanding of the prudent for their respective roles in this life occur.

A woman can not achieve its presence as a partner and a key actor in their families and communities through out from the monotony of moral values,

What we are seeing now from obscenity and nudity on the charge of civilization is only a fall and a miserable return sought by some women as they use trickery this freedom and equality and progress which is in fact return to the slave markets underway for viewing bought and sold.

Nor can a man also to achieve social status and role of the innate natural in this life if abandoned or waiver of manhood under multiple names.

Women’s and men’s lifeblood, partners can not be rivals and every one of them to understand the true role and responsibilities exercised within the limits of that role, then so alone promote life and achieved the desired development.



احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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