FAQ & Rules


Who can join our site?

We only accept users who are at least 18 year old and must know how to write any article in English. Must able to talk with other users in English.

How do I register?

 First of all you must be 18 Year old to open an account on our website, For open account just click “Register”, then Fill The Sign-up form and submit that. After Submitting form you will Receive a Verification message on mail for verify your account. Your account will be fully activated after Verification confirmed.

My registration was not successful?

In many case you may receive an error after submit the registration form that your account is not created, it may be possible that your chosen Email or username already exist on site, in that case you need to fill your form again with different information.

My Username is not available?

 When filling registration form you need to enter your USERNAME, after entering a gif loader will find out that your username is available or not, if available then you can submit your form but if not then you will need to try different username.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Click “I Forgot My Password” and follow the easy steps.

How It’s Work?

First You Need to Create Account on site, then you can submit Posts on website, for every View (by guests/visitors) of your Posts you will Get Paid.


How to choose Username?

You can choose username only once during registration/ sign up on our site.

Change Username?

You cannot change username. Just you can change your display Name.

International Users Are Allowed?

Yes, international users can create an account on site without any Restriction.

Multiple Accounts are allowed?

Yes, You can create more than one account from same IP address but you still need to have Different User Name & Email for Your other accounts
NOTE :- Also Require more than one PayPal for create more than one account on site…

Security of password & your account

When you create an account on our site then you need to provide password now it’s your responsibility to keep your password secure & safe. Kareldekar.com will not responsible for any unappreciated activity through your account; however we Can Reset Your Passwords & Passwords are safe in our database.

Fake Accounts

We never allow Fake Account on our site; fake account means Creating account with the Fake Name, wrong Info, using site’s owner details & using any celebrity name.

Account Deactivation/Termination?

We Can Terminate & Deactivate any user’s account at any time if they don’t follow our terms & Policy, however we can renitent any deactivated account.

How do I delete my account?

You can request us for delete your Account/Profile from Our Site/Database, all you have to do is to fill the “Contact” form with your Username, Reason of Delete account with email, and send us; we will immediately delete your account.


Allowed Languages For Writing Content?

 All posts and comments on Kareldekar.com must be in English.

Post & Title Lenght?

Your Post’s title must be at least 10 characters Long; Post Body/Description must be minimum 600 words Long.

Allowed Posts Per Day?

You can write 20 Post Per Day on site, You can’t submit more than 20 Posts Per day on site.

Do I need to use Image on Article?

You Must need to use Image on each and every article which you submit on Kareldekar.com

Can I use 3rd Party Images on My Articles?

Never, You can’t use any 3rd Party Image on site, you can use Images which you captured or have permission to use by the way you can Use Image from Pixabay & Other Royalty Free Image.

Do I need to Give Image Credits?

You must need to add Image Credit at the bottom of each post. eg– Image Credit – pixabay.com/coffee-cup.

Can I Add Affiliate or Commercial Links on site?

Nope !, You can’t Add any type of Affiliate Link or Commercial Link on site in the form of Post or comment. But You can use/add external links to quality sites which must need to be relevant to your Article Contents. 

Can I delete or Edit My Posts?

Yes, you can Edit or Delete your post including Post title, Post Image & Post Body.

Can I Repost Deleted Article?

If your post got deleted on Site it means your post failed to follow our Terms. In that case You Can’t re-posts your article again on site, if you re-post the article; your account may be deleted.

What is Spam Comments?

We have Created comment system for interact with user by Responding user with great comment, Posting spam comments is a violation of the rules, and may result in the deactivation of your account. Examples of spam comments include:

Generic responses — eg. Hey Good Morning, Good evening, Have a great day etc. 
Outbound links — eg. Any type of affiliate link or 3rd party website link. 
Asking for users to like your posts or connect with you.
Thanking users for their comments — eg. Hey #Robert thanks for Comment etc. 
Using excessive punctuation — eg. Hey Nice Post, Keep Writing, Keep it up etc.

Can I Link My other Posts?

Yes, you can Add your other posts link in any other article, suppose you Posted an article on “Online marketing”, now if you have one more article on “Internet marketing” then in your new article you can link your Previous article with a Link, however you still can’t use any Affiliate link.

Can I Report Content/Comments?

Yes, you can report Posts & Comments if you think that Posts are copied from other source, have invalid image & Invalid Image Credit. For report you can contact us. We will Review all Reported content and will delete them. If you have any serious problem or want to report about any user and bunch of posts/articles then you can contact us and we will take action.

Can I use Multiple Images on One Post?

Yes. You can use multiple Images per post.

 Can I Share My Article On Social Media?

You are always free to share your content on Social Media Sites like Facebook, twitter & Any other Site. Keep in mind, You can’t Advertise Your content on any type of PTC/GPT site, Advertising site or Any Point/Social Media Exchanger sites.

Using Fake Traffic?

We Never Allow of using Bots, artificial, Fake or Script Traffic on Site, If You Do that then be ready to Get Your Account Deactivated or Deleted on site.

Can I Embed Videos From YouTube?

Yes, All you Have to do is Paste YouTube/Vimeo video Link In Your Post and your Video will Be available to all.

What is inappropriate content?

Posting content that is inappropriate (including pornographic content) is a violation of the rules and will cause your account to be Deleted

Write About Site In Posts?

No, you can’t write about any bug, Problem & Bad thing about site, many user Start write if they found any single Code Error which is not Good, If you have Any Problem Related to site then You can simply Contact us and we will be back to you within Few Hours.


Each and Every Post must consist of original content. Do not submit content that you did not write yourself. Do not copy content from elsewhere and rephrase it. Posting content that you did not write yourself constitutes plagiarism and will result in the deactivation of your account also don’t re-post your own content again and again.


If I Have Problem what to do?

At Kareldekar.com Help & Support is Main Priority, You Can Send us Email via “Contact Form” page on site. We will reply you as soon as possible.