Positive thinking

– Open your mind

If you are on a modicum of understanding and intelligence, you must have noticed the continuous and sustained change mechanism that controls our world. Mechanism that supports our evolution as a race a human on this earth,
The time course of shops, as they say.
Make yourself a person is open to all new, in thought, work and life, who have not been returned to it’s new again,
Do not walk with the herd, which is hostile to all ignorant.
Keep learning and adapting and dealing with the world and accompanied its development, so as not to run over the life ..

– Let your thinking positive

For the millionth time urge to think positively as possible, so you do not show “Elf,” which fear. If you’re in the way of progress of the work or job opportunities you probability is 50% – 50% to accept or reject you, that is equal odds
Always thought that they will accept you. Thinking like this probably will not help you, but think about the results and the reasons for the negative will certainly harm you and this person fitter advice ..
– Whimsically spiritual

Which is the religious belief, use it with certainty and humble hopes.
Created religion based on the life of components and lets you neglect the emptiness inside, empty. Especially if what I use it formal or repeating the words of tongue format, without leaking means to you.

As far as you look after your body and your appearance, some of the attention to the faith and Ruhani you showed, jewel of the individual. This will improve the lot of happiness, both internally and externally ..
– Join the largest entity

Do you remember how you felt and you are sitting in the stands, the center of fans of your team, do you remember this feeling of overwhelming joy and victory? We all love to be part of something larger, Gym, Foundation, University,
Some even boast in the name of the cafe who used to sit on it !. Always try to join a larger entity in the relevant areas of interest, you will learn about people is like saying you’re thinking to a large extent,
And will eliminate them a good time and happy without a doubt, your spirits will rise to the summit ..
– Do not confuse the art and passion

In the questionnaire and field research proved that the presence of financial resources and private property in human life, is less important than 9 times the abundance of human resources, such as family and friends.

The current model of your car, and the size of the house where you live and the amount of money in the bank will not bring about happiness as you can imagine, if you’re empty-handed from the intimacy of human relations.

As long as movies and soap operas lousy told us that the money does not bring happiness desired, it turns out that this, unfortunately, true.

It seems that physical exercises do not help in the flexibility and strengthen the muscles of the body only, but the spirit as well. Sport has been instrumental in increasing one’s confidence in himself and his abilities,
And thus obtaining more potential psychological stability and happiness. Also, exercise regularly change your lifestyle actually, or this is what we are hoping for attendance by Are you ready for the warm-up?! …
Secrets of Happiness is not over yet, this is a fraction of them probably finish it later.


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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