Nowadays Is it possible to save money to our future?




People give money a major importance. I believe that it is important to have money but for me we should earn it in an honest way.

Currently I’m working as a receptionist and I believe that it isn’t easy to save money nowadays. We have a lot of expenses and in the end of the month, most part of the time, we don’t have any to put aside in a bank account. I think that for us to save money we will pass dificulties. We can’t buy something we like sometimes. For most part of people we go to the hairdresser like 2, 3 times a year maximum.

We buy three books per year. Dvds we can hardly afford it. We probably have to watch movies on TV. Nowadays it is even expensive to go to the cinema. I can say that the last time I went to the cinema was almost a year ago. Years ago I used to go to the cinema every week. Old people are saying that 40 years ago it was easy to find a job. You left one place and you found another one really fast. But now after 35 years is really hard to find a job. I think age shouldn’t matter that much.

There are old people that work much better than young ones. I believe that what matters is if the person has the will to work. Sadly most part of people don’t see it and just want to employ young people. Even for young isn’t as easy as it used to be. I wish money wasn’t as important as it is. But without it is really hard to live. We need money for everything.I wish I could save some money for my future not just for me but also to help my mom. But I see that this world is becoming more and more poor.

Rich people some of them give help to poor ones but others don’t. I think it is unfair the big difference that exists. I wish everyone could have enough to live without difficulties. It is hard to know that some people don’t have money to eat. Some people live with more than 5 cars and don’t even drive it. I mean if they have money they can do whatever they want with it.

What I mean is isn’t it a waste to own 5 cars and they be in the garage? If they won’t drive it why didn’t they use the money in more important things like help an institution sometimes for example?I wish this world can become a better place and that money can be a part of our life but not a main thing as it is right now. Would be great if we could all just live happy.

I wish in the future I can have a dream house with a big pool and a garden. That I have enough to provide for me and for my family. I wish my mom can also live in a big house with everything she dreams of. Also I want to give one to my sisters. They deserve everything good.


I love to write about love. Whenever I feel inspired I tend to write poems. I love to watch movies also.

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  1. BabyBubbles says:

    I found out that my grand father was able to buy lots during his time. I wish I can do that too! But it is difficult.