How do you determine your direction in life?

A lot of friends have good intentions to succeed in life, unaccompanied persistence and determination and effort available to them, but they have the correct direction in life, and this is normal?
These methods and trends vary from one person to another and knowledge is not that easy
No one can massage it, only yourself.
But I can share with you a few of the rules could help you figure out the right toward you, and it is then up to you ..
1. Do not over think
Excessive meant here is how flimsy excuses and returned, which you say to yourself all the time to justify its impotence to do required for success. When you think something stopped seconds to ask yourself, what do you think of fruitful and constructive, or you do not subconsciously put more and more excuses? Think for a few minutes a day while you think about it!
This will help you escape from the constant distractions because of overlapping ideas.
2. I do something
Find the correct your direction in life is not something that happens to you, but something made by you. This deed is not set by the assumptions, but the assumptions that you do, and do not act due fear, people are afraid of change, and the reaction of others and that the adhesion of this act forever and all this nonsense has no value.
We must try yourself physically so you get tangible results easily evaluated and their feasibility ..
3. Believe in your instincts
This indisputable fact, sometimes it is not your consciousness more knowledge and experience of your consciousness! So look to tend your instincts and follow no matter how strange it is an opportunity to experience if he follows it with good, even if it was so bad it took a lesson and a warning.


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