Real rules of happiness

Happiness “state” mentality, as they say, rich and well-being will not bring about happiness as you secured think.
Rights attached Palmadiat gained strength and a large influence on him,
And make lofty goal for each person and the standard of residence life,
All of this is true .. I present you today the main rules lead to happiness ..
1. Choose to be happy!
Do you remember those days as a child when I was glad to just finish of the school day, and return to the house. Not concern you money nor anything else, only a small pleasures of fun awaiting you. Prepare those days in your memory and you will return some joy desired. Choose to be happy no matter what the circumstances, all of the problems and accidents temporary in nature and stayed only your personal situation.
2. happiness journey, not a destination
What makes life is a joy, and our expertise and our lives, is the experiences we live every day. Without them we would not know what we really want.
Happiness is not a beach you relax and hand him a glass of juice, it’s all of the above this minute.
Are you happy graduation certificate from the university, what about the long days and nights, and attending and tired to study and diligence? I enjoy this moment, they all have good and bad.
3. Learn the face of pressure and frustration in complete control of your life is not available, unfortunately. And all we are exposed to different pressures for different reasons, you should know how to deal with and overcome. Let difficult moments passed and attitudes of your life,
Do not think about it all the time because it will feed your anxiety and frustration doubled from your fears.
4. Live in the present
No use waiting for tomorrow, to carry you happiness. Today is all yours, precisely the present moment. What ever I have ever had the benefit of not restore all the while, I’m working on what in your hands now.
Your current causes more than you think, your family, your friends, your surrounding nature and dozens of other happiness. Shave your imagination to the extent and follows it, this is the real trip.


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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