Do not let the past is a future

– I know your values
If you were not you know your principles and your values ​​right to life, you are in a real problem, no wonder you’re not happy.
Only people who know of any side stand, what to take sides if the intertwined paths?
They are the most capable of living happily. Frown which we live is due to your actions in life conflict between contrast and contrast, so you abandon tranquility. Path must be governed by the context of your actions, and you are not lost.
– Set your goals
Goals are the essence of hope, inspiration is the daily catalyst to wake up from sleep. Happy own goals short, medium and long term, achievable goals.
For them these goals places to relax and have fun on the path of life, small bonuses owed because of the effort, skill and hard work. Achieve the goal as a small glimmer of hope, you’re on the right track.
– Enjoy simple
Life around us is filled with dozens of simple things, which fills us with joy and hope only if given more attention instead of the usually traffic.
Focused on a young child to eat “ice cream”, in the hope chest breath of air flowing around, saw a small bud swaying with the wind.
Are all conducive to calm and fun reasons and lead to the desired happiness.
– Used to tender
We used to give something in return for that something else, what if I tried tender without waiting for him in return.
Try to give of your time, your effort, your business or the owner, give and give from your heart, fun tender without charge in itself will give you great joy. Unlike the well-known law that, sooner or later, will give you a unique life of happiness reward you mix is ​​totally unexpected, which gives double the pleasure.
– Do not let the past is a future
We can not force whatever we had, that we change from the past. There has been and gone and ended, not interest him, but the lesson we learned.
Do not cling to him and make him govern the next choice,
Do not put your time on the past and present, let slips from your fingers, who are acquiring “diamond” is not concerned that he was “Carbon / Coal” in ever. If the interest of the past are, he made you what you are now. What do you think it’s a basic rule bring you happiness in life?

احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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