Growing Old Gracefully

The aging process is something that many people fear and try to ignore its inevitability. With this mindset, people are more agist and exclusionary of senior citizens. However, ageism is very dangerous, and it can cause older people to see themselves as a burden, which in turn can damage their mental health and increase their risk of social isolation and depression.

These negative attitudes that have grown up around aging come from a society that undervalues its senior citizens. It is no wonder that many people fear the process—it is a scary concept to lose the respect of those around you. These negative attitudes about aging can have a detrimental impact on a person’s health and well-being. It is, therefore, extremely important to engender optimism around this time in a person’s life. By creating a positive mindset around aging, there is a chance to increase longevity and help encourage a sense of worth among senior citizens.

This rite of passage can be a part of life that is done in style rather than a phenomenon that is simply endured. Life is invigorating, and that needn’t stop as you reach your fourth quarter. Undoubtedly everyone has their preference to how they want to grow old and what sort of life they envision for themselves, but there is the option for each and every one of us to do it in style.

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Types of living

As we grow old, there is a tendency for people not to have their needs and wants to be met. It is important to speak up to allow those around you to hear what you want from this stage in your life. You should have a say in how and where you want to live out your twilight years. Making sure you are living in a space that meets your needs will unquestionably improve your quality of life.

There are many options for living arrangements for senior citizens, from independent living to assisted care. By choosing the right option for you, you can ensure that you grow old in style. Frontier Senior Living has a variety of lifestyle options for senior citizens. Here you can find a community to live in that will immensely improve your quality of life.  For those looking for independent living, Frontier offers the perfect balance of independence and community. Living independently is perfect for those who want the company of others but are able to live alone comfortably.  There is no need to resign your freedom just because you are aging. You will have everything on your doorstep from access to friends and care but not feel like your autonomy has been taken away. As a senior citizen, you must continue to speak up, your voice matters, and your needs should be met.

Speaking Up

Continuing to speak up is an integral way to combat ageism. Your needs matter. While people have the tendency to ignore senior citizens, this should not discourage them from speaking up. Age and experience have a lot of weight, and it is important that your wisdom is shared and heard. Share your stories, vote, and make sure your experience and needs are part of public decision-making. Not only can it benefit how senior citizens are treated, but it will also help make a difference for future generations. 

Support and care

It is inevitable that aging will also come with both physical and mental health worries. Make sure that you get checked out and receive the care and support that you need during this time of your life. Don’t deny symptoms if they occur; there is no need to be stoic during this time. Seek help and support; you deserve it.

Ask your loved ones to respect your needs. Tell them what you want and how they can help you. Often a lack of communication can cause a chasm in the way your treatment and care are given to you. If you live in a senior housing operation, speak to the staff and management team to make sure that you are given adequate care and support. They will be trained to meet your needs.

Connecting with friends and people around you

Depending on where you live, whether alone or in assisted and independent living communities. It is really important to connect with friends during this stage of your life. You have time to slow down and enjoy people’s company, thus make the most of those around you. It is great fun to meet new people, and it will help engender a sense of optimism around aging.

If you have grandchildren or connections to younger generations, it can be wonderful to impart wisdom and share stories with them. Oral traditions don’t hold as much weight as they should in many western communities; however, a lot can be said for sharing experiences. People can learn a lot from connecting and feeling empathy with one and another. Not only this, but it is also a way to preserve the stories of your generation.

Try new things

As you age, you may find your stamina for trying new things becomes less. However, do not let this limit the options available to you in your community. Try a new cooking class with local friends, explore a new park or museum in your area. Getting out and about and trying new things can have such a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

If you have energy and time, why not take it further afield and visit new places with travel. There are many benefits to traveling at an old age and many options available to senior citizens, from package holidays to new communities around the US. Do not let growing old be an overwhelming time in which you feel you lose your autonomy and the respect of those around you. Speak up, try new things, and take care of your health and wellbeing. This stage of life should be all about your needs. Grow old gracefully and enjoy it.

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