Listen to your voice

Some of the principles of the value of life, not learned our study.
Must be learned the hard way: practice and trial and error. These lessons or principles are very positive and a major push you towards success and achieve your dreams,
I saw that I share with readers. They are the principles as follows …
1. Treat yourself to respect

Be a good and nice with yourself, especially when things go wrong you do not increase it worse. Accept and admit its mistake and beyond,
One of the best skills you learn is not to hate yourself when fail.
A skill that is closely linked to happiness and a sense of self-worth and success and strength of will.
This skill also help you to return to your nature faster after setbacks,
And help you in the search for new opportunities without letting the fear that hinders your way.

2. Listen to your voice

You’re the best friend for yourself, as well as the closest. The voice is closest to you, learn and keep saying to talk with yourself in more accurate your privacy. Do not lie nor a compliment or hypocrisy, the owner of yourself and openness.
This trait is the common denominator among the most successful men of the world in various fields and aspects of life ..

3. gratitude for the present

Whenever estimated what you have at the present time, I got better things in the future. If you want to increase your sales, show your appreciation for the sales achieved in the present time, if it is taken by a manager to a small administration.

And when it began its discretion, will encounter unexpectedly a new opportunity within this small administration did not notice before, waiting for the chance of not complain all the time. Perhaps nothing will change in the course,
But you will feel happier about your current situation ..


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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