Romantic Realism: Rules to Help You Avoid Divorce

Romantic Realism

Studies reveal that almost 42 percent marriages end in divorce. Again, about 30 percent couples say they are “actively unhappy but unable to leave”. We expect love to bring the greatest joys in our life but the opposite happens most of the times. Love is one of the major sources of misery for many people. Most of us take love as it comes, but what we do not realise is that maintaining a happy marriage is a skill that can be learned and improved upon.

Here are some rules that will help you get better at loving each other and staying away from divorce.

1. Accept Imperfection

No one on this Earth is perfect. In fact, the notion of ‘perfect partner’ is just a myth. When we fall in love with a person, we tend to like everything about that person, but as we start spending time with that person, we start getting affected by their imperfections. The first step towards making a relationship happier is to learn to accept the imperfections of our partner. Meet a lot of people and see how diverse they are. You will find some imperfections in every one.

2. Do Not Blame Your Partner

When things go wrong, we tend to blame our partners. In extreme cases, people end up fighting and blaming each other in public. This can harm your relationship to a great extent. Problems arise in every relationship, and you must learn to handle them wisely. Talk to your partner about the problem and try finding a solution together. Instead of walking away from the problem, face it and find a solution. If things get heated, stop your discussion and wait for a better opportunity to talk to each other. There are times when you need professional help. Consider consulting family lawyers in Sydney to sort out problems and know about the available options.

3. Give Love and Then Expect to be Loved

What qualities do you look for in the ideal partner? The first and the most common quality would be, ‘someone who would love me like no one’. But what about the other person? They desire to be loved as well. So it is important to give love before asking for love. Look for someone whom you can love forever, rather than looking for someone who will love you forever. If you learn to give love, you will get back love for sure.

4. It is More Than Just Physical

Physical attraction is one of the most common feelings when we start loving someone. While physical attraction is important for a relationship to be successful, it should not be the most important factor. Physical attraction reduces with time and age and our focus shifts to other important aspects of life such as our work, children, future, etc. Learn to take life as it comes. Adjust your feelings and desires so that both the partners can be happy.

Couple often complain that they ended up with the wrong person. But what they do not understand is that they failed to make the relationship successful. It is important to make an effort to make your relationship successful rather than walking out and filing a divorce. Learn and improve the skill known as love and stay happy ever after!

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