How to Make Your Workers More Productive


A large number of small-business employees feel overworked and burnt out and this results in lower productivity and reduced efficiency of the overall organisation. Owing to the increasing costs of running an organisation, businesses need to find out ways to get more for less. This means they need to churn out more work from lesser number of employees. This means employees are under tremendous pressure, which results in burnout. While one cannot change the way an organisation works, they can surely do things to keep the employees motivated and happy. This is because a motivated employee creates a positive environment within the organisation, whereas an unmotivated employee is often destructive and demoralizing.

Here are some ways in which you can make your employees happy and ensure they are more productive:

1. Allow Flexibility

Flexible work schedules help employees stay happy and minimise burnout. By allowing flexibility at work, you help your employees balance their work and personal life. Offering flexibility also instils a sense of responsibility among the employees. They understand that their employers respect them and trust that they will get the job done in a timely manner.

Flexibility means allowing the employees to work from home when needed or allowing them to join work an hour (or more) later so that they can fulfil their duties. An employee might also need to leave early on some days.

2. Focus on Comfort and Hygiene

In order to improve employee productivity, employers need to focus on comfort and hygiene within the organisation. A large number of days are lost annually because of absenteeism due to employee sickness. This is because not many offices prioritise hygiene. Regular cleaning of the workstations, washrooms, kitchen and appliances is important to keep the place free from dust and germs and ensure a safe working environment. Along with hygiene, the employees must also be provided with a comfortable working space. This means proper heating and cooling systems must be installed or if you already have one installed, make sure they are maintained regularly. Get commercial air conditioning repairs done on time or get the systems replaced if required.

3. Incentivise Employees

Employees tend to work harder when they feel respected and appreciated. Offering incentives keeps employees motivated and desiring for more, thus they work even harder. However, offering monetary rewards might not be possible for all businesses. Thus, you need to come up with innovative reward programs to keep the employees motivated. You can honour the hardest working employee(s) during the annual meet or give out ‘Employee of the Week’ badges to employees whose performance is the best for a specific week. You can also declare a day off for employees with high performance levels so that they can enjoy in their own way.

Employees are an asset for any business. Keeping them motivated is critical for the success of your organisation. To this end, the tips we’ve shared can be very helpful and can be achieved without investing too much time, effort or money. Try implementing these within your organisation and keep your employees happy and motivated.

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