Take Your Home Business to the Next Level


You may have achieved a certain level of success with your business while working out of your home, but you may also be aware of your growth limitations. One glaring problem is the need for office personnel. At least the need for one person to answer phone calls and for certain other office work. The problem is that your home is not the right environment to have this type of office help, and the idea of renting office space takes away the cost advantage of working out of your home. The solution is to use a virtual assistant. This service can fulfill all of the needs you have for office help without having to hire an employee or move your business out of your home.

You will have someone to answer the phone
You can have all of your phone calls routed to a call center where a person will answer the phone according to your instructions. The person making the phone call will have no idea of the location of the person answering the phone. It will seem as if they are contacting the front office of your company. You will still experience all of the advantages of having your own employee, but can still enjoy the advantages of working out of your home.

You will have help tracking orders
A virtual assistant is more than a friendly voice to answer the phone and take messages. There are are variety of services that are offered to you by companies with virtual assistant services. One important service is tracking orders. Working out of your home, you are bound to have several inquiries each day from people wanting to know where their order is. Even when you give them tracking information, they will still call. You need to answer these inquiries as an important element in customer service. Unfortunately, it can take up a lot of your time. It is possible for home business owners to give this work to a virtual assistant. For those working alone in their business, this is a huge time saver.

Following up with customers who had their credit card decline
Often, you do not have enough time to do this, but for many business owners, this type of service can often make the expense of a virtual assistant pay for itself. When a customer’s credit card is declined, there can be many reasons for this. Often, the card is simply expired, but when the customer replaces their old card with their new card, they have forgotten about the order they tried to place with your company. A friendly follow-up call from a virtual assistant can mean a sale.

Managing an email account
This can be as time consuming as handling the phone. Many of the emails your business gets are likely from customers inquiring about orders, but some of it is advertising and still other emails are questions from customers about the products you are selling. An office assistant can manage your email by answering those messages that you instruct the assistant to take care of, while others emails can be forwarded to you.

If you are working out of your home, using virtual office services will take your business to a new level. You are freed from doing much of the office work that is taking up too much of your time. This allows you to focus your time on your products, services and other aspects of your business that you do best. There are several companies that offer this type of service. One example can be found with Solid Cactus.

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