Blogging what you think

– Blogging what you think
How wonderful and glamorous idea Jaetk while showering, or driving a car or sitting at the cafe ?, perhaps tens of thousands of course. How one of them codified on paper? You and I pondered a bit, put it your experience and your knowledge of the former and made it a “project” what. Successful people are always traveling with pen and paper, they start planning, and without them remains modern wishes. Without thoughts of personal and practical experiences and try to blogging a bit, and you’ll see for yourself the difference ..
Type stuff, which express yourself. Where it is necessary to express their inner feelings and emotions.
And ignore these things lead to psychological problems we are experiencing a lot in life.
There is a danger of ignoring these psychological problems.
– Anti-creativity
Successful people are always looking for creative and new and creative ways, to test themselves and the world around them. In contrast to “those who have not yet been successful,” always understand the prisoners of the habits and traditions of ballet,
We know that if the water stagnated rot unlike running water. Try to degrade the flexibility to do everything and looking for the best way to do with creativity, it will lead you to success ..
– You do not have strong goals
Only successful are those with strong goals, remind themselves every day. If these daily ticket did not motivate you to work differently and to be the best,
The lead for the better, this means that your goals fictional or unrealistic. We must live in order to bring you the center of life’s little battles .. This is not the causes, of course, conclusive or definitive. It also lacks the specificity of each person individually and uniqueness, we shared opinion and commentary including benefited from these causes. Do you agree or differ with them, and why?

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