Secrets do not want women to men to know

Have you tried to guess what is going on in the mind of women? What do you think of? Did you know that women often do not mean what you say, you might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what exactly women want?
Read the following to discover some of the secrets follows women do not want a man to know:

– Blondes is not always bad.
If you believe that all the bad blondes you are mistaken. Hair color does not affect a person’s intelligence.
If you do that then you are really dull and age are.
– Very jealous women. Women may deny this thing,
But the fact that they are jealous to the fullest extent, even if it was like talking to a woman who is not on the appointment or perhaps to his companion. Maybe pretend otherwise, but inside a volcano of jealousy on the verge of explosion.

– I’m more attractive of them all of them. Every woman who believes in herself, so no matter what I tried so selfless. Almost every woman wants to feel that they are the only beauty queen in the world, there is no room for comparison between them and the others.
– Am I fat. And you must have heard this phrase once but many times. Whatever the problem, it is thin, it will not consider themselves well and will return the same question: Do I look fat?
– Always lie with respect to shopping. It is even going to the grocery store at the end of the journey must buy for themselves something special you see an attractive and then either try to hide or lie about the price and says she bought downloads.
– Do not share secrets with them. Always make sure that you are dealing with the radio running at full capacity. Almost every woman will share secrets with her friends. They share their secrets with a cup of coffee and laugh them.
And when I say that I mean even the secrets of their very own secrets, you understand what I mean !!!!.
– What are the shoes that wear them? If you think that it is just a fairy tale you think about it again.
Women already control a man by his shoes. Therefore, it is best to wear nice and clean shoes the next time you go out with them.
– Women have an instinctive feeling emotional alarm system and yellows when the man cheated or even lying on it. You are an accomplished actor? It does not matter always will arrest you.


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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