Habitual things I do then and now

What is your hobby? These are the things that you are find of doing. I have a hobby and that is to do little crochet project. Well, if you would ask me of the things I already created, I only have one copy of the picture I did for my baby. But for some few that I did, I commonly do crochet as a gift. So I almost created 5 crochet and those were just given to my close friends.

I am just busy now that I can not crochet anymore. I can not find time now because I got a baby. She is 6 months and is too young that I want to spend this most precious times with her. It is like prioritizing of which is more important in my life now and that is my baby. Before I got a baby, I can do a little purse in a day. But when my baby came, I could finish it in a week. I can not do both at the same time.

Then I become interested into writing articles. When I got paid, I started to see the importance of this skill in saving some of our budget.i also started to feel the essence of a being at home but still earning few cents to dollars. Writing articles has now been my hobby. In fact, I found different women across the globe who share the same experience with me.

I found out that I have this love to write. But still getting paid is one of the motivational factors. I can now write at times that my baby is sleeping just like now. Or when my baby is busy watching television. The idea of what to write just comes out in an instant.

I know that my skill is not that good yet. But the thing makes me to enjoy life so I will not stop until I knew its bad effects. So far, I am not seeing any bad effects that writing brought to my life. I only see the importance of it in my life as a wife and as a mother.

This kind of hobby is what I will co tinge to do while my baby is young and while I am still jobless.


photo credits to me.


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  1. kashif95 says:

    My hobby is collecting coins of others countries. Thanks for the post Keep connected with me.