Everything happens for the best

Everything happens for the best.

This is what I keep telling myself just so that I do not explode with anger.

There are plans that we often make over time but just as it is about to materialize, something or other happens and we fail to make it.

Earlier I used to be very upset and moody when such things occurred.  Now, I  try to relax and coax myself to believe that some events occur so that it helps toward a bigger plan. Perhaps when we look back, the dots which seem isolated now, when joined will make sense.

We should all remember that life is indeed not a bed of roses.

We do not get a red carpet welcome always. In fact, there are other people worse off than us. So, we should count our blessings and pray for the good of all each day. At least, one more morning is another day to make it better.

Everything happens for the best. If we keep convincing ourselves of this, it will keep the depressing thoughts away.

No matter how hard we struggle, there will be some who try to dampen our spirits or throw us out of league.

It takes courage to fight and cowardice to succumb.

We decide our future.

If we are brave, there is a power above that will ensure our success in the end.

Never succumb to depressive thoughts because once you do, it takes a long while to get over it. So many are in such a state today in spite of the modern life and benefits because of many reasons like other peoples’ selfishness and situations over which no one got control.

Life is magical if we want to make it that way. Today may seem to be a missed opportunity but there is always a tomorrow. Make the best of it and leave the past alone. Get up and get going.

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image source : author – look up to nature, meditate and forget the wrongs. life is to beautiful to ignore


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