Staying Healthy at Home: A Few Practical Tips to Make It Work

It is rather easy to advise against going out and maintaining social distance at all costs, but in real life, that is not an easy lifestyle to get used to. There are practical shortcomings and limitations to lockdown, which must also be faced if we are to figure out a proper wayin which the pandemic can be controlled from spreading further.

stay healthy

As government officials continue to quarrel about containment procedures, let’s focus on a few practical measures that Aussies can take up to stay fit and healthy at home.

Order Supplies Online When Possible

Thanks to websites like, it is possible for us to order almost any medical or health-related supplies we may need,without having to leave our homes. The same applies to everything else from groceries to electronics as well, although you may need to shop from multiple different sites at once. Use eCommerce to your advantage whenever possible, and keep the outings to a minimum for the time being.

Sanitize the Supplies Ordered Online

Use a powerful, rubbing alcohol-based sanitizer to properly sanitize all online supplies when they are delivered. You do not know where they have been and who has touched them at what point, so sanitize them outside your home first, before taking the delivery inside. Wear gloves and your N95/P2 respirator while taking deliveries and sanitizing them.

Follow a 30-minute Exercise Regimen Daily

As lockdown makes it difficult and general caution warns against frequent outings, we are more stagnant right now than we have been ever before. Without daily exercise, immunity will suffer, and that can open the window for not just the ongoing viral disease, but almost all other microbial diseases as well.Do not believe in miracle immunity boosters because there is no such thing. What really does have scientific evidence to back it up as an effective immunity booster is physical exercise. 15 – 30 minutes of daily anaerobic exercise can and will boost your natural resistance towards most preventable diseases, including Covid-19. Augment your exercise routine with a balanced diet and a multivitamin to further boost your immune system.

The Importance of Wearing Gloves When You Have to Go Out is Immense

When you must go out, which cannot be helped at times, wear an N95 or P2 respirator and gloves. What most people failed to understand, at least initially, is the fact that the virus can only be airborne for a short whileafter being ejected from an infected individual’s sneeze or cough. On the other hand, the novel coronavirus can stay active for days on surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. What it means is that most of the people who contracted the virus in Australia and abroad did so because they touched a surface where the virus was already present and active. By simply wearing gloves every time you go out, it is possible to reduce your chances of getting infected significantly.

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