Effective Drug Addiction Treatment


Millions of people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. At the same time, millions of others have managed to break their addiction bond and stay clean with the help of various organizations devoted to treating addiction. However, if you have failed more than once to achieve permanent sobriety after rehab, you are not alone.

You may have spent hundreds of dollars on treatment programs only to relapse into the nasty habit as soon as the treatment is over. You should not blame yourself. It is not that you lack willpower or determination to break free from your bondage. Chances are you took the wrong program.

See, every addiction case is unique. The same process that helped a neighbor or family friend get clean may not work for you. Studies show that out of 23.5 million teenagers and adults addicted to alcohol or drugs, only 1 in 10 gets treatment. Often, this treatment fails to keep them away from drugs. Most end up relapsing into their old habits since most treatment options available use outdated methods to counter factors that lead to drug addiction or set off relapse.

A recent examination of treatment programs available showed that most are based on old methods, even when newer approaches are available. The reason that most people keep going to these outdated treatments is because they put little research into the program. In fact, people do more research when shopping for new shoes than when seeking drug abuse treatment.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse carried out research that showed the vast majority of drug addicts do not receive appropriate evidence-based care. Only a small number of addicts get interventions or treatments in line with scientific knowledge on the matter.

The report also found that most treatments are offered by individuals without proper medical professions. A significant number of these providers lack the proper skills, credentials or knowledge necessary to assist people to overcome their addiction. It is no wonder then that they continue to offer outdated treatment, disregarding newer treatment options since they do not have the necessary skills.

A lot of these providers cannot offer the necessary psychological therapy support or the resources required to fight addiction. The report went on to declare that providers offering insufficient care should be considered a type of medical malpractice.

Myths That Prevent People From Seeking The Right Treatment Option

There are three myths surrounding drug rehabilitation that people need to get out of their minds so as to get the best treatment options available. These myths are:

  1. People cannot recover on their own: The truth is that most people recover on their own, through determination and willpower.
  2. People do not recover by attending self-help groups: The fact is self-help groups provide a support structure that most addicts can depend on to get over a drug problem.
  3. People do not recover by seeing a counselor or a therapist: Interventions and therapy sessions help more addicts recover compared to outdated practices.

Therefore, if you want to truly fight addiction, look for clinics that offer up-to-date treatment and intervention programs. The people at http://www.arise-network.com/ offer great resources that will help you get rid of that terrible addiction.

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