Your Guide to Using Incense

There are a number of reasons why someone would invest in aromatherapy or calming products like KratoMystic, but too many people don’t understand the right way to use incense. In addition to promoting a sense of calm, certain aromas and products can reduce your anxiety levels and help you combat depression. Though there are suggestions on the best places to burn incense, such as in a well-ventilated area, there are several different ways you can have an effective burn.

burn incense

Use a Smudge Stick

Even though the name seems a little funny, this often considered the classiest type of incense to burn. It is often created by tying a tight bundle of white sage, cedar, or juniper. These sticks have their roots in Indigenous people’s cultures and are meant to be burned for just a moment, before having the end smudged against the dish. The resulting smolder permeates the room with the aroma. You can make your own smudge stick by tightly bundling sage branches before they are dried. The tied end should be about the width of a nickel. Shorter branches also keep down the fire hazard and make it easier for the entire bundle to dry out thoroughly.

Use an Incense Burner

There are many who burn incense sticks to get the aromatic results they want, and you can often find unique blends a local supplier. You want to be sure that what you burn is non-toxic and comes from high-quality materials. You can use an incense burner to have a safe burn on the stick, one which drops ash into a receptacle that is easily disposed of later. The stick often protrudes from the top of the burner, with the tray for ash surrounding the curved, upward end.

These two methods are the most common ways to dispel incense fragrance around the house. They are safe and provide the same results with an aromatic infusion.

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