What Are ELISA Kits Used for and Where Can You Get Them?


Everyone is talking about the ELISA test. It is one of the finest testing tools for medical practitioners. ELISA is simply an abbreviation for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). It is also known as the EIA test. It has been used by medical practitioners all over the world to test for certain antigens and antibodies. Thanks to its innumerable applications, it has become the order of the day for many practitioners in the world of medicine. It is not limited to the medical world as it is being used in the food industry as well.

It is not as technical as it might sound. As a matter of fact, ELISA is simply a biochemical technique that is used in immunology to detect the presence of some antibodies or antigens in the sample. Having been used for more than thirty years now, it is one of the most reliable diagnostic tools in both medicine and plant pathology. To make things even better, this tool can be used to determine the amount of an antibody or antigen there is in a specific sample.

How does it work?

When you purchase an ELISA kit you should be ready to make use of any of the procedures that are employed in its use. At the most basic level, in ELISA tests, an unknown amount of an antigen is affixed to a surface. A specific antibody is applied over the surface so that it can bind to the antigen. The antibody is then linked to an enzyme. In the final step, a substance is added so that the enzyme converts into some detectable signal which is usually a color change in the chemical substrate.

What can you test with this?

You can test for just about anything using an ELISA test. There are people who prefer this test procedure when they are testing for pregnancy. The at-home urine test is a good option because it is convenient. All you need to do is drop by the pharmacy and pick out the pregnancy test. The problem is that with this system you might get the wrong reading. In as much as the risk of such an occurrence is low, it is still there. This is why people opt for the ELISA test. It is as accurate as the test can be. Drop by the hospital and have this test done.

Food allergens like milk, peanuts and so forth can also be detected using this test. It is for this reason that the ELISA kits are very important in the food industry. You would not want to kill your customers by presenting them with products that have milk yet they are lactose intolerant, right? This is where the tests come in to save the day.

Where can you buy it?

There are many places where you can pick out these amazing products. They are in no short supply in the market. Actually you can purchase them right from the comfort of your home. They are always cheaper when you buy them online because you will not have to spend money on gas going around town in search of these products.

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