7 Decoration Ideas for Senior Apartments in Phoenix

Making the decision to move into senior apartments in Phoenix opens a multitude of new opportunities for your senior lifestyle. However, change is often difficult. As you adjust to a new environment, consider using decor to help get you through the transition.

Create a comfortable and familiar environment by surrounding yourself with cherished items from your previous home. Or embrace the new environment and experiment with additional decor to freshen up your space. It’s a chance to purge the clutter that collects over time and intentionally decorate with items you love. With a few simple tips, you can easily create a space that’s safe, comfortable, and inspiring for this new chapter in your life.

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Keep It Personal

Decorate with what you have. Chances are, you have collected items over time that you love or that have sentimental meaning. It could be an antique found while shopping or a family piece passed down from previous generations. Transitions are difficult, so decorate with the familiar. Whether it’s an item you simply like for aesthetics or there’s joyful memory attached to it, bringing your favorite pieces into your senior apartment will make the space feel like home. It will no longer feel foreign or new.

If you’re downsizing, make sure to choose the pieces you enjoy the most. It’s a chance to surround yourself with items you value and not just things you’ve accumulated over time. Your space will be comfortable and reflect your personality and cherished memories.

Accessorize the Walls

Blank walls are lifeless and make a space feel small and impersonal. Maximize the walls and hang up art, photographs, and mementos. Wall art defines a space and makes it personal. It can also make a space feel purposeful, as it grounds nearby furniture and clearly defines the function of the space. It also makes a room feel larger, as it forces your focus to look upward, accenting the height of a ceiling.

Get creative as you hang your art. You can choose a large piece to make a dramatic statement on its own or choose many pictures of varying sizes to create a gallery wall. Hang your favorite art or decorate with photographs. You have had a lifetime to build relationships with loved ones, so put up your favorite photographs of them. If you have a lot of photos you want to display, create cohesion by choosing frames that complement each other. Choose frames with similar colors, metals, or woods to unify the photos.

Wall art isn’t limited to prints or photos. It’s also an opportunity to display cherished mementos: a program from a show, a ticket stub, a seashell found on a trip, or a painting from a grandkid—take these special keepsakes out of the drawer and display them. Anything can be turned into art with the right frame, shadowbox, or display shelf.

Keep the Walkways Clear

Prevent tripping hazards by keeping the walkways clear of obtrusive furniture or uneven walking surfaces. With age, mobility becomes more difficult. A small step up can be daunting if you or your loved one has difficulty walking. As you shuffle through the space, even a rug or cord can be a tripping hazard. Make sure to keep these spaces as flat and even as possible. Choose a rug that’s flat and avoid high-pile carpeting. If it’s a main walkway, it might be best to keep it empty. Uneven surfaces, such as decorative rugs, can be hard to see. Keep the path clear.

When choosing furniture, consider opting for pieces that are round and smooth. If you’re unstable or using your furniture for extra support as you stand or walk, sharp edges and corners are a problem. If you fall, these sharp edges are dangerous. Choose a round dining table or a smooth-edged coffee table.


Now is the chance to clean out and donate items that don’t fit in your new space. It can be difficult getting rid of items you have collected, but having too much “stuff” in your smaller space can feel chaotic. Sort through items you no longer use and give these pieces a chance at a new life by gifting them to a family member or your local thrift store.

Reducing how much you own gives you the opportunity to create an intentional space with only the items you truly appreciate. This extra room is not only easier to maneuver through, but also allows the space to host gatherings with friends and family.

Add Seating

If you’re living alone or with a spouse, additional seating may seem excessive. However, senior living can be quite social, and you’ll want to have additional seating for guests.

To keep your apartment from feeling overrun with chairs, stage them carefully by creating seating areas. Two chairs with a small end table can be a great place to create a separate seating area or reading nook for yourself or to casually entertain a friend. If you’re having a dinner party, grab those extra chairs and fit them around your dinner table.

Now that you can focus on what matters most, create a space that reflects that. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, our senior apartments in Phoenix are a beautiful place to call home. We take care of the maintenance so you can enjoy your beautiful new space with friends and family. Whether looking for senior living options for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help so you can have less worry and more life.

Bring in Greenery

Spruce up your space with some plants. There are many benefits to decorating with vegetation. Plants are both beautiful and practical. Not only do they liven up your space and reduce stress, but they also improve air quality. Plus, they reduce background noise levels.

Afraid you have a black thumb or are unable to care for your plants regularly? There are many hardy plants that require less water and sunlight. If you pick a native plant, they’re more likely to survive naturally without too much additional care.

Use Decorative Storage

A full life well lived means a lot of memories and keepsakes. Look for ways to store these memories accessibly while keeping them organized and out of sight. A shelf with decorative boxes or baskets is a great way to store such keepsakes. Grab them off the shelf to reminisce and then simply hide them back away with a beautiful basket.

For larger items, consider using an ottoman or trunk with storage. These are especially practical because they can double as a coffee table or additional seating without taking up extra space. You don’t have to be an interior designer to make your senior apartment comfortable, safe, and beautiful. With a few simple additions, while utilizing what you already have and love, transform your new space into a home sweet home.

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