How To start A Pest Control Business


Starting any business requires dedication and passion. You need to believe in the product or service you are selling in order to successfully convince others to use you or buy your products.

In addition you need to know your products and your market. If you have decided that starting a pest control business is for you then there are several steps you should follow:


Before you even start considering what form of trading arrangement you should undertake you must obtain a license which will allow you to trade as a pest controller. This means taking a series of tests to prove you have the relevant knowledge of pests and the dangerous chemicals which you will be using.

Every pest control company must have at least one approved and licensed person. This must be done by the state you live in.

Create the Company

To protect your assets and help to establish a good image it is advisable to create a company. This will protect you personally from any claims. There are a number of forms to complete which can be obtained from your state department or online.

You may find it preferable to use an accountant to help you create the company properly.

Lead Building

You can’t start trading unless you have customers to look after. While you may have family and friends who need your services you will need a larger customer base.

One of the best ways to start generating customers is to use pest control leads. This is a dedicated company which will provide you with the contact information you need to get in touch with people who already need your service.

You will then be able to give them a price for the work they need and start working!


You need very little finance to get started. The course and license will cost money and there will be some basic pest control equipment you need to purchase. You should know what is needed.

Where possible it is best to fund this from your own pocket as this will give your new business a solid footing. Committing to loans from the start will make it much harder to build your company.

You will also need a van to transport yourself and your equipment to each of the homes and businesses.

In addition, it is essential to have insurance before you visit your first customer. 

Building Your Customer Base

Having used the leads to get your first customers you need to build on this through their satisfied service and by creating a website and social media profile. This will allow you to share your success stories and reach a much wider audience.

The customers you have already looked after will be able to make positive comments; helping others to trust you even though you are a new business.

The key to developing your business is in looking after every customer you have. They might not always be right but you need them to be happy with your service and your solution to any issue. This will allow them to become repeat customers and build your business.

Unfortunately this can be the toughest part of building a successful business, but the effort will be worth it.


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