Give yourself a glow-up in time for summer with these four steps

After months spent in winter hibernation, bundled up in warm sweaters and keeping close to the central heating, now is the time when you might start tentatively venturing out again. The upcoming summer months bring with them the exciting prospect of long, warm evenings spent socializing with friends, enjoying the warmer weather. However, you might feel that your personal maintenance has dropped over the dark depths of winter and you are in need of a seasonal glow-up. To help you out, here are four steps you can take to give yourself a glow-up in time for summer.

glow-up look

1. Look after your feet

Sandal weather is fast approaching, but after months spent hidden away in thick socks and boots, your feet might need a bit of TLC before they are fit to be seen. After washing, use a pumice stone to remove any dead skin, before slathering on a luxurious foot lotion (you might want to use a lotion specially designed for cracked heels). Then, cut and file your toenails – remembering to cut straight across to avoid ingrown toenails – and paint them in a bright, cheerful colour, such as classic red or summery coral.

2. Consider plastic surgery

If you have a particular feature that you are unhappy about and that is seriously undermining your self-confidence, now could be the time to get plastic surgery so that you have enough time to heal before summer. For instance, if you are unhappy with your nose, a rhinoplasty from a trusted surgeon can greatly boost your self-esteem and happiness. Take the time to thoroughly research the right surgeon for your procedure; for example, look up rhinoplasty Las Vegas. This might mean that you have to travel beyond your state, but itwill provide you with the opportunity to combine your surgery and recovery time, resulting in a memorable trip.

3. Follow a clean diet

A clean eating plan emphasizes the consumption of fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and a reduction in overly processed foods. Not only can clean eating help you to lose weight, it can improve the brightness of your skin and eyes and make your hair shinier. This is due to the increase in nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables, and a reduction in the toxins produced by processed foods. There are many delicious clean eating recipes for you to try, such as blueberry baked oatmeal.

4. Get a haircut

A good haircut has the power to switch up your look and make you look years younger. For instance, split ends can make your hair look dry and straggly, giving you an unkempt appearance. Removing them with a trim will automatically make your hair healthier and full of bounce. If you are considering a more dramatic change, such as a new cut or colour, consult an expert stylist before taking the plunge: they can advise you on a look that will suit your face, personality and lifestyle.

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