5 Summer Travel Essentials

summer travel

It’s almost summer time! The weather is turning slowly and the sun is starting to show glimpses of its radiance, long past work hours. Finally, travel season seems to be upon us.

For most people, summer plans involve spending some quality time on the beach to get that precious tan on. While the beach is not everyone’s go-to destination, we’ve been able to analyze a couple of essentials every traveler needs when planning some relax-time; whether it’s overseas or a couple of hours drive away in the countryside.

Carry-on luggage

For quite some time now, the debate has raged about what more ideal, getting one’s luggage checked? Or the carry-on option when traveling by air. As Tourist 2 Traveler show more often times than not, airlines stipulate that one needs to pay a fee in order to bring aboard check bags. On the other hand, check bags are usually free. Even better is the fact that carry-on bags are free of all the hassle involved in waiting for clearance.

Nobody wants to have the baggage of a bulky, clumsy suitcase when they are making summer plans. Trips are meant to be enjoyed, thus, lightweight carry-on luggage is preferred. Something like the Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 provides great convenience whenever one planning a tour. Incredibly, the pricing is amazing considering the quality of the product one is getting.

Toiletry bag

Toiletry bags are of the essence since they store some of the vital items that every traveler need on their voyage. Things like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste always come in handy. Genuine leather is always a fantastic bet when it comes down to choosing a reliable travel bag.

Travel Pillow

A little slumber during trips never really hurt anyone. To be able to do so with some ambiance and comfort is always a great bonus. With travel pillows at the ready, one can enjoy the comforts of sweet slumber and get rejuvenated for the main act; the trip. There is an assortment of travel pillows that are compact enough to fit in a travel bag. The most common brand is the soft “horseshoe” usually placed around the neck to keep the neck in an upright position.

Portable Device Charger

With all the electronic devices around the world, packing an external battery is a no-brainer. Not just for trips, but in day-to-day activities. Portable device chargers come in a couple of varieties ranging from pocket-sized chargers to larger brands that pack extra juice.

Water Bottle

This is probably the most underrated travel accessory. However, it’s importance can only be compared to the Batman allegory, always there when needed, invisible when not needed and always present in the fight against hunger pangs and thirst.

The market has quite a few water bottle brands available at one’s disposal depending on what one is looking for. The Platypus Meta Bottle is a favorite amongst travelers for good reason, it collapses into an easily stowed size, plus, it features a Thermos Intak 24-Ounce Hydration bottle. A perfectly reliable workhorse.

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