My mom and i

When I was younger, my mom would say that I would understand her when I grow just like at her age and when I become a mother. Sometimes, de to age gaps, we really d not understand one another. I knew that is one of the biggest problem aside from our own differences in terms of our personalities.

She is a teacher. She is serving the government and teaches fourth grader students. She lives to instruct us of what to do, even though she can clearly see that I was about to do that. Seriously.

while, I easily say words that can offend her as my means of contradicting her ideas. I maybe a rebel type of daughter because I says that could instantly break her heart. I knew it will hurt her. But that has become my reaction since the time I realized that she loves to command. As a teacher, she practiced a lot of commanding skills to her students and that is how she brought that at home.

But honestly. I am not really that bad. I followed my mom’s wish for me to be a nurse. I studied well and passed the licensure exam for nurse. sadly, she just can not understand me that nursing is not the career that I wanted in my life. I want to be some one who can use my god given skills. And nursing is not a good line for me.

I was good in mathematics. I was good in chemistry. But never did not become good in biology. I was good in academics but not on the actual hospital experience. I have weaknesses and I akready accepted that. But mom sees far more things that I can do. I limit my self, yes. But that is because I wanna do things that can satisfy me as I long as I live.


Simply me

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