Environmental pollution

How do you react when you see rubbish strewn across in beaches and roads?

Do you just walk on or stop to complain. Most often people ignore such situations. In several cities there are strict rules regarding littering. If only people realized the folly of poisoning the environment.

It takes a lot of years for nature to build something like coral reefs but it takes only seconds to destroy it. We should do our best to protect the natural beauty of the planet rather than contribute towards its destruction.

Effective measures should be taken by the local governments to protect the flora and fauna.

Environmental pollution is not a silly matter. It is a subject which deserves the most importance because as I write, climatic changes are taking place and thus affecting the very life of many species around the world.

Each animal, bird or aqua form has a place in the eco system and the disappearance of even one species affects the others.

Environmental pollution also decides our future. The future of the coming generations is at stake now. People should try to reduce their carbon footprint. They should try to reduce use of private vehicles and rely more on  public transportation. Car pooling is not a bad idea at all. Also, trips to malls or supermarkets to purchase groceries can be limited by buying things in bulk. Online purchasing is also not a bad idea.

As a human being, it is our duty to protect the environment around.

We can do our bit by doing the following things :

  1. plant a tree sapling
  2. grow vegetables ( can be done on rooftops even)
  3. dispose garbage properly
  4. spread the message of going green
  5. use public transport
  6. purchase things in bulk
  7. recycling goods
  8. teaching the kids about saving the environment
  9. feeding birds
  10. not purchasing things that have been looted from the endangered areas like coral reefs or wildlife products

I hope this message is shared and more and more people follow these so as to do their bit. Please take time to write or talk about it.


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