Why loves men in women?

Men’s tastes differ and multiple whims and requirements in the areas of life, but they may meet in their views on the fairer sex, and the mood changed for the better just turning to talk about them.

In the councils of men considered women of the priorities of their talk, if we sat down at a meeting of the councils,
We find that someone poses a question to his friends, what do you like in a woman?

There are several answers between elegance, and understanding, and beauty with some of the other details.
We find that the answers prevailing in the community for the image of women in the mind of a man expecting, very typical.
Hey .. to pause and re-ask the question again, what a man likes in a woman?

Generally, a man looking for a woman who used ingenuity and intuition in direct judgment,

Preferably minute a woman who notes gestures cross relying upon to absorb more of the subject at the same time without confusion, and also impressed in the sense of predicting things, and puts it into account,

And dreams of the man obedience that meet the requests, and the rebel who writes a prescription adventures.

Apart from generalities scientists divided depict men to women by age groups;
In the twenties focus will be mainly focused on the outer beauty of women, and be their motivation to learn about the women purely sexual;
Women in their lives just a way to satisfy their desires, but in the thirties man seeks to stabilize significantly,

And become the focus was to find his partner; it will be discussed rationally without more emphasis on outer beauty as a basis,
In the forties the man needs a woman to provide care for him at this age, it is assumed that he has achieved success in his work, and the need of shared success, and spend time with him;
Gel can be attention on the outer shape of women, and becomes a focus on the extent of the intellectual pleasure felt by them.
And between generalities and scientific divisions age man remains eager for the image most beautiful and brighter; beauty of eastern women to men specifically can not cancel any theories obsession remains indispensable even if they reached the very end of life,

The man loves the woman smoothness, athletic and strong, which indicates the health and thus the ability to have healthy children, women and the most weight
As Bags are the most influential and attractive to men; so a woman can not be a meager beauty icons.
Throughout history, women received her slender waist that her waist size no more than 70% as accurately as possible the attention of men; where several tests were conducted between several women differ in weight,
Won the women’s weight averages, and who enjoyed by waist to hip (70%) the highest score.
Attractive small eyes and nose innocence guide and reminder childhood, flat belly and long legs, shiny hair and a body with curves back of the gantry, recipes loved by men and women,
The specifications developed to complete the picture the most beautiful looking for a fun,

Dependent then to pay tribute, on the run from his main concern, ruler, commanding Nahia, spoiled her children, recalling the kindness of his mother, in a nutshell that the woman he loves the man … “a woman under the demand”

Love of emotions prosecution of a woman’s heart, women are the most affected by feelings of love for the fairer sex being considered for softness and delicate sense of those who around,

Always feel the love and intimacy by man,
Her heart is controlled by its decisions and you take of her mind,
But when you love you love from the depths of her heart and get rid of, and it becomes prompt thinking fully to her boyfriend who loved him, but despite growing passion, but they do not fall in love with any man,
The man who likes to be carrying the qualities you see in the Knight dreams as they say,
But there are some qualities that possible is acquired, one of the qualities that make women love a guy and these qualities.


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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