They say a change is as good as a rest

They say a change is like a rest. Well, who is I not to believe it; especially bearing in mind that am of the type of people who like trying everything new that pops up? Not that I am addicted to doubting, don’t get me wrong! The bare fact is that I like determining the real truth about something or someone. Not that I don’t believe what others tell me about something. No. People have different tastes. The attitude you develop towards something or someone that is new in your environment determines the reaction you are going to have on that particular person or thing. It might be negative or positive. However, you might like something which on coming across, I fail to develop a liking attitude. Likewise, you might extremely hate something, which on coming across, it catches my attention and strikes a liking attitude on my mind. That’s why I tend to risk and give everything a benefit of doubt until I explore it entirely and find its true colors. Getting into the inside to gather its factual and accurate nature; the truth within.
Don’t get me wrong; thinking this is a story I am giving. Am not heading that way. Actually I was trying to explain why I am here in this website. Why I signed up without having to first surf the net (I particularly mean Google) and search about the credibility of the site. Not that there was need to explain in such a long way, it’s only that making the explanation short would have consumed much more time. Am merely trying to explain why I joined this site without having to first acquire prior knowledge about its functionality and veracity.
To sum it all, am so delighted and ecstatic to be a member of this website because am sure I will learn a lot. Am looking forward to sharing with you all what is in my mind. I will also be pleased to read your posts which am damn sure they will add value to me with a positive impact. Am also hoping that I will get the chance of interacting with you people (Sorry I forgot to mention that socializing is one of my hobbies!). Nice time all as we get to know each other and share our thoughts and views.
But prior to putting my final full stop, there is something I would wish to convey. I am not forcing myself to write. You know I shared with my friend about joining writing sites to grow my experience and knowledge on the field of writing but instead of encouragement, he just laughed at me. He had the thought that I was joining the sites for the sole purpose of earning from them. I don’t like arguing, because I lose my temper very easily when am angered. So I just gave him a smile and told him that he had just read my mind; I wanted him to think he was some sort of a genius. But deep in me, I knew there was a seed screaming for exposure inside me and I had to let it germinate; the seed of writing. And there was an urgent need for me to take action!
Writing is within me. Well, I may still be far from being good but I know one day one time, my dream of being a prolific writer will come true. I am just a starter with a lot of mixed stories and articles circulating in my mind without any certain order. But I know pretty soon I will be able to join the various pieces into something presentable and worth sharing; something that will impart some great ideas of obliging and immense value. So, as we take a sail together in this voyage, am looking forward to having a great experience that will enable me achieve my dreams.


I am a freelance writer with a Degree in Information Science. Writing is my passion, and its one thing I cannot do without. I may not be so famous, but as you know, a journey commences with a step. I write on different Topics as long as I have the required information and understanding of it. Socializing is also a fundamental part of my life. When am not writing, am either reading novels and articles or playing tennis.

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