The secrets of true happiness

No one can make you happy, joy and internal decision will be activated. All that we can make people see what is important for them to see him, to point out things and we hope to see what we have referred to.
Here I am referring to some of the secrets of happiness, you might see what I see ..
1. Vision perspective
Happy people are not people who move from one success to another, as far as the hapless not turning for the loss of or failure to another. The truth is that both the two faces in his life happy positions / joyful and sad situations / painful, but a fundamental difference between them. A person unhappy them focus all his thinking and present to remember the painful moments and bemoaning it, while a person chooses to let the happy life passed centers and recalling the sweet moments and looking forward to new experiences enrich his life. The whole matter depends on your vision for your perspective ..
2. Objectives agree
Four car tires also lined up in the same direction, it must chime your goals in life similarly. The Lord wants to be the perfect family may want to interfere with being super-rich,
Wealth Abrim certainly prevents you from playing the role of “The Perfect Pair” because you spend all your time actually at work.
Also, working academic doctoral would interfere with your desire to travel around the world, or participate in the activities of war and peace. Set your goals and tempered them to achieve the greatest benefit ..
3-70% of happiness
As a result of many studies and research has shown that 70% of the components of happiness lies in the next, warmth prisoners and sympathy friends, and good relations with co-workers and neighbors. As you can see, all the elements are not income for the material, all of which you can expect to receive little attention and the question ..
4. Be realistic
Most of the hapless people on earth are people, put goals for themselves, fictional and totally realistic, which generates their frustration and anger, not to achieve these dreams.
Do not put in your mind images such as the richest man in the world, or the typical family, school, or all of them are successful, Failure to achieve this will let you prey to worry.
More appropriate and useful to the most suitable is to accept the reality of the situation as it is the case, and is working hard to improve things if I tried not reported ..


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