Women and men in the wedding night

Be careful before virginity
You have to do some things, including:
Dialogue and understanding
We recall in this regard the issue of dialogue and understanding in this matter of extreme importance, we must get used to the couple before, during and after the meeting to speak on this subject, in the sense that asks all the other party what pleased and raised, and asks him if he has a special in this issue requests ..
Especially the wife of the husband that you need to understand their situation, where some women are delaying in the district of fun,
Need to be understanding and dialogue until the couple up to shape and time for each of them.
Healing ignorance
Healing ignorance question .. and many other things first night you need to question and demand a sound knowledge and some resort to put a pillow under the wife appeared to facilitate the process of sexual intercourse and Space
It is a matter of making the wife in an abnormal situation which makes them tense and feel something is happening strange calls special arrangements .. but that this situation may cause them pain standing, tension, and take root in her mind, and call for memories of the pain that I have heard, which could make it in the involuntary reaction resistance, and then lose the psychological preparation that happened to her, so the situation is normal automatic without costing up to the desired result.
There is also a mistaken belief among many religious hatred for consideration to a member of women and rejection of this view of many scholars, who stated that the marital relationship occurring need to be considered not reasonably be otherwise.
These points I prefer to be considered together before the wedding couple a week or two and Ithora and Itvihama which
Even prudential a common understanding, even if they Ocklt issue that does not shy away Lisala specialist, even prudential together to imagine for tonight,
What is going on without problems.
The brief, what we have said in a few words:
Natural meeting
No pain, no bleeding or special situations.
Pets and configuration ..
Understanding of the structure and function of members ..
Kindness and love ..
Duty pair congenital wedding night
It is true that men do not find it difficult to break up the wedding night virginity is that we have to deal tactfully with the wife and affection,
This his girl left her parents’ home, and then found herself in a world with new, must Ichaaraa Bmodth her husband and his love and Mlatefth, not be considered prey must be denounced by them and attack them,
But it must act with her in tonight Kktaibp not as a woman or wife, is not this fun night tonight, but love is the night, the night of non-sexual love, and the importance of this night are psychological importance than physical,
Let the night of affection and love, not war night and predation, and that men are not looking for pleasure in this night, but the wife cares not hurt and it feels Ptsrah, he will receive every Wanted to wait a bit,
In the shadow of the light is dim, having left to the freedom of the bride in her dress of nudity, do not enter upon only after Adtjalla in bed, and it is also Itary either in an adjacent room or behind a curtain, for example, nor surprises scene naked because that writing has a scene in which abhors in the first day and to strengthen the morale of women and encourage them to get rid of the fear and dread must virginity without being charged, before the start of the introduction of the penis must be the husband and his bride Pets and fondling a passionate,
And exaggerate caressing and fondling, kissing and hugging and commute his wife Whispers emotional and warm words and touches,
Even bride and Itrdob raised vagina by vaginal Alifrazach resulting from excitement, and gently The pair penetration head glans between the labia minora toward the membrane almost, and commute his bride Whispers emotional, not moving a few minutes until it becomes penetration possible and easy, and all that we mean to be virginity process in an atmosphere of affection, love and tranquility, not to be in a brutal picture of predation, it is not desirable to begin married life with rape, and if the pair failed to break up the membrane on the first night, he should postpone it until tomorrow morning


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