My Introductory Post ….

Hello my dear beautiful people, this is me Jollykaran, writing my first ever post on the new writing website. Some of you might know me very well, as we were on the other writing sites too. While for some of the people here, I am still new. Well, let me tell you about myself. My name is Karan and my online friends call me “Jolly” as this is my surname.

I am an Interior Designer by profession, working on my own. Still for a change, I want to shift t another country and try to work in some other field. I love my Interior Designing work too, but I need a change for some time. I am an Introvert person, who speaks very less and is a bit shy too. But, once I am open to any person, I am an open book in front of them.

I am very passionate about music and photography. My dream is to play guitar with perfection, one day. I sing a bit too and I am always surrounded with music. Well, talking about my passion for photography, I love to capture nature, animals and natural poses of people in my camera. My dream is to buy a good SLR camera one day. I am addicted to selfies as well and I have more than 1100 selfies of me in my laptop.

Well, I am an animal lover too and my love for dogs is never ending and unconditional, just like the way dogs love us unconditionally. My dog is a Jack Russell Mix and is 5 years old. He is my life and I treat him like my son. I am Sikh by religion and I respect all the religions. To me, God is one and love has no boundaries.

I highly respect old people and especially women for their immense sacrifices in our society. I cannot tolerate people who hurt women and animals. For then, I am nightmare and they should stay away from me. If you want to be friend with me, you have to follow few things.

* Respect women, animals and old aged people.

* Never try to hurt any animal and if possible, adopt a pet rather than buying.

* Be yourself and that is what I would love the most about you.

* I hate egoistic people and they are very irritating to me.

Well, that is all about me. I would love to know you more closely and I am here for socializing as well.

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Well, I am an Interior Designer by profession and I am very passionate about music and photography and not to forget, I am an animal lover too..

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5 Responses

  1. elmcee1813 says:

    Nice to read your introductory my friend and I enjoyed reading it actually. I didn’t know that you were an Interior Designer that is really good profession my friend.

    • JollyKaran says:

      yeah my friend, I am an Interior Designer and I am still thinking to change my profession for some time and try something new and different..

  2. BabyBubbles says:

    Hi. Yes. I am seeing your name to most of the sites I am visiting heheh

    • JollyKaran says:

      hehe thanks my dear friend.. I have joined this site just this morning and I hope that it does wonders for all of us..

  3. kemak28 says:

    Nice to meet you. I think I have seen you on other writing sites. I am new here as well.. trying to figure things out on here.