Slow connection really affects to reach my goal.

Everyday I woke up early and do my usual routine on my online sites. I have many online sites to do but it really gets me bored and tired of waiting for my connection to work on. I am frustrated now because it affects my aim to reach my goal badly I have to wait and suffer because of my poor connection right now.

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Could you believe it that it almost took me an hour for my connection to work but even the connection is back still it is very slow to get me in with my online sites today. I cannot change the fact today that I have to deal with this problem of mine just like any other online person like me who always rely on the speed of our internet connection in all that we do in our everyday life.

I am the only using my internet connection and yet still looks like we have many users are experiencing this slow connection which become almost every day I have to deal with in the first place.  Well even if that is the scenario of my experience of using it and getting this kind of connection I had no choice but to work with my patience and hoping that it will get back to normal again just like they promise of full speed connection when I first bought it to them.

They always promise of a good speed internet connection if we subscribe to them but there are times of the day I always encountered this slow connection especially at night. I am also sick and tired of contacting them about this slow connection that I have because the same answer from them I will get. So for now I will just have to be positive as of the moment and be patient.

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Seeking for an online sites to help me earn financially.

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4 Responses

  1. JollyKaran says:

    My dear friend, I am so so happy to see you here.. Well, I do hope that your connection gets a bit stronger so that you can work towards your goals without any issue..

    • elmcee1813 says:

      Yeah my friend so happy to see you here too and I just hope this will work out for us here by now.

      • JollyKaran says:

        Fingers crossed my dear friend.. I hope that with some quality articles, we will earn some good bucks and in the right way..

  2. charmingchel says:

    My two dear friends from BW are now here. Welcome to the both of you. Let’s just hope that all our efforts will not put into waste here. Let’s just be positive, then… All the best Maricel and karan ☺☻☺☻