10 products technology we lost in 2014: Part Two

A few days ago we had left them the first part of a list of 10 products technology we lost in 2014 . As the name suggests, here we see several products from different market sectors that were discontinued during the year. Some very popular, others perhaps not as well known lately, which have in common is that they all eventually got so much to talk about. Then we will leave the second and final part of this list.

Windows XP : could not miss. Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for this operating system has made millions of users around the world stop using it, starting to make use of more modern versions like Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1. Considered the best version of Windows yet, no doubt we will miss XP.

justin.tv : this was a popular website where you could access TV content of all kinds, from series and movies to documentaries and shows. Some subchannels justin.tv even passed a single type of content throughout the day. Twitch buying from Amazon and multiple complaints against the portal soon led to its closure.

Macworld : one of the most popular in the world of computing and electronics magazines for decades Macworld was dedicated to cover the main news about Apple and its various devices and products. The last issue was released last September.

Nokia X : great was the surprise of many when Nokia announced the launch of a smartphone with Android operating system, at a time when the company produced only phones with Windows Phone. But Nokia X disappeared as quickly as it arrived: after the acquisition of Finnish by Microsoft, the CEO Nadella not hesitate to discontinue production.

Flappy Bird : another product that was available for a short time. Dong Nguyen, creator of the application Flappy Bird, was crushed by the fame and popularity reached its game in a few days, to the point of removing the various app stores as they could not bear the situation.

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