10 Gifts for the Holidays Technology 2014

The advancement of technology increasingly brings new types of products, and hence the possibilities of using them as gifts increase. In 2014, as in recent years, we have all kinds of hardware and software available to give away, but sometimes you may have as many options only make us harder to decide, so today we will share with you this list of 10 gifts technology for Christmas 2014.

PS4 / PS3 : known household Sony consoles have swept the market for their respective years and the PS3 even today continues to sell very well, and of course still out new titles. Both the PS4 as its predecessor can be converted into a wonderful gift, just remember that the catalog of the PS3 is now much higher.

Xbox One / 360 : Similar to the previous case. While both have been successful, perhaps today’s best bet is the Xbox 360, as it is expected to continue receiving new titles for several years. The catalog of the XOne is still quite limited compared to 360.

iPhone 6/6 Plus : a device that can not miss on any list of technology gifts for Christmas. As always, the smartphone of Apple turns out to be a wonderful gift that anyone would leave happy, well, except those who are big fans of Android.

Acer C720 : the brilliant Acer Chromebook proves to be a good, nice and cheap device. The updated model has a Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and SSD, costing less than $ 400.

Galaxy S5 / S4 : another smartphone that we can not leave off the list. While many looked forward to the Galaxy S5, it is certain that failed to impress most. The S4 today remains a good alternative, and of course is a little cheaper in comparison.

Smartwatchs : here not mention a particular model, because the truth is that most smartwatchs available today are very much alike. Yes, we recommend you go for one that runs with Android Wear, since so far have proven to be the best.

iPad Air 2 : the famous Apple tablet can not be left out of the list. This device turns out to be the perfect combination of design, performance and ease of use, so worth bearing in mind for the holidays.

LG G3 / HTC One M8 / Sony Xperia Z3 : these are some of the best smartphones we’ve seen in the course of the year. The specifications are very similar, and it is certain that differ in a few ways. Of course any of the three becomes a great gift.

Laptop Windows : Again, there are lots of equipment on the market that are very much alike. Here things and going in a matter of taste: do you have preference for any brand? Do you think that large laptops are best? Looking for a cheaper model? There are many options to choose from.

Software : within this category found lots of gifts. A gift of this type can range from license to any program or tool to applications and games. It’s up to you.

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