Sharp has developed a Quad HD 4.1 inch screen

Display manufacturers continue their eternal struggle. Some focus on large, while others prefer something smaller but higher resolution screens. There are many companies that strive to get as many pixels for possible inch, and for that a high resolution and a small screen is required. Sharp is one of the manufacturers that has made progress in that regard, as has recently released a brilliant high-resolution LCD screen (relative to their size). It is a panel with technology IGZO which has a Quad HD resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and measures just 4.1 inches, giving it a density of 736 pixels per inch or so.

To give you an idea about let’s put things in perspective. Some of the best smartphones have a density of 500 pixels per inch, maybe 550 at best. According to Nikkei, the new Sharp screen would be the equivalent of a 6-inch 4K, which, if memory serves me, so far we have not seen. Given the pace with which companies in this sector are advancing, it would be no surprise start seeing amazing screens from next year. Still, this panel 736ppp start being mass produced only in 2016, so we must wait at least another year to see it in action.

The truth is that, unless the case of a very large screen (like a TV), take decisions beyond the Quad HD not worth it, because the human eye barely notice the differences achieved. It may be better to focus on other aspects such as brightness, sharpness, color quality, etc.

Tell us: what do you think of the new 4.1-inch screen with Quad HD resolution of Sharp ?

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