What submit Sony at CES 2015?

What submit Sony at CES 2015

Sony has been on the lips of many these days, but not for any particular release, but the problems it has had. The Sony Pictures hack and subsequent threats around the premiere of the film. The Interview has led the company to become trend in social networks lately.

Sony is one of the companies we will see making presentations during the CES 2015, and in the past have delighted audiences with its display of devices modern technology. Again, we hope that Sony gives a few surprises in the next edition of the famous electronics event in Las Vegas, taking place in a couple of weeks. Later we also expect to see Sony at MWC 2015 to be held in Barcelona in early March.

What submit Sony at CES 2015

But let’s focus on what we want: the CES 2015. It seems that this time Sony will be very focused on the smartphone market. In a recent video released by the company, we can see several tracks on the products estrenarian during CES. One of the most obvious and striking tracks is that of a girl eating a lollipop / palette, translated as Lollipop in English, suggesting that a smartphone with Android 5.0 would be released in the event.
What submit Sony at CES 2015

In fact the number 5 also makes a few appearances during the video, not to mention that at first we see what appears to be a moving extremely thin. 5 could also be a reference to a 5-inch screen for example. Will they be clues involving the Sony Xperia Z4 ? It is hard to tell yet.

We must remember that the company also makes presentations cameras, audio systems and display technologies at CES, so we also expect developments in these departments.

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