10 products technology we lost in 2014: Part One

Each year, the industry’s technology brings some news and some unexpected changes were seen coming long ago.

Generally, among these good and bad news sometimes find our favorite products. 2014 has been no different in this regard: some products have disappeared and others have been released. Today we will focus on those that we had to say goodbye: this is the first part of our note on 10 products technology we lost in 2014.

10 products technology we lost in 2014

iPod Classic : How could I forget? This device marked a before and after in the music industry. Apple decided to withdraw from the market on September 9, while announcing the new iPhones in June and Apple Watch. It is noteworthy that can currently get units as new stores online resale, but can cost thousands of dollars.

MSN Messenger : a favorite of the Generation Y. The acquisition of Skype by Microsoft in 2011 was the beginning of the end of MSN. Before being fully integrated into Skype, MSN was active until this year in China, when Microsoft decided to put the final nail in his coffin.

Facebook Poke : Facebook’s failed attempt to create a competitor to Snapchat when the latter rejected an offer to purchase. The messaging system allowed to share text, images and videos and looked very promising, but the company soon discontinue.

Orkut : the first attempt of Google to create a social network. Although he was unsuccessful in America, was well received in Brazil, until in 2011 the market aggressively attacked Facebook. With the advent of Google+, Orkut time is over.

Entertainment Studios Xbox : Microsoft had big plans for this division as it would make it a service similar to Netflix, but the dismissal of 18,000 employees severely affected, and in the end the company decided to put it aside. Nadella may decide to open again in the future.

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