Ideas to use Instagram on your eCommerce

You know that social media can be a powerful ally for your online store? Want to know how to use Instagram on your eCommerce ? With its growing popularity, Instagram is becoming one of the platforms that are generating greater engagement among users. The visual aspect, the immediacy and the “capture the moment” can be a key part in selling your product.

Then I will explain 7 Ideas with 7 examples that will inspire you to sell your products with Instagram.

But before I recommend that if you want to use Instagram for your business, do not lose sight of these 5 basis points as you put the tent up:

  • Make a mark on Instagram, with name and logo.
  • Delete an account on Instagram with the name of your brand.
  • Make the contact means you have (Whatsapp, Facebook, email).
  • Create Product Reviews accompanying an image.
  • Always use similar hashtags.
  • Now for the tips you can implement to your virtual store on Instagram you achieve visible and boost sales of your products.

Create striking photographs

The aim of Instagram is that users share striking photographs that people turn their heads to see. With its filters you can have pictures that generate a positive reaction to your potential customers; they become viral and make you promote your store.


Besides sharing pictures of your products, including messages, news and other items that you feel will attract your audience. Remember that you are not always going to buy, but you can keep interested by other elements that you post.

Oreo is excellent for this kind of photography. It always shows how your product can be used for multiple purposes. In this case, how about a mini cake cookies?

Learn to leverage #hashtag

The hashtag are elements that, if you know use them, will allow you to get more exposure for your products. It’s a way of drawing attention to people who are looking for similar terms , and thus attract them to your profile to know your products.

If you are selling covers for cell phones and you published a photo of one of your new product, identifies some of its features. If a specific brand, include it in a hashtag and play with their derivatives. For example, if your case is for iPhone 5S and 5C uses #Funda, # iPhone5S # iPhone5C #Dorada.

The main recommendation is to not overdo 8 hashtag, and if possible you stay in 3. Using this resource appropriately will make notes an increase in the number of likes that give your post … and maybe your sales.;)

Create contests and special offers

The objective of this action is to attract new buyers who want to know your product but lack confidence by the environment in which it commercializes.

If you produce a buzz around your product, you get virility and they get to know you, but you also go slowly generating confidence in your buyers, who are always on the lookout for your publications to grab a deal.’’

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