5 Things you should do as a new twitter user


In this article you will understand what Twitter is and how it works. You’ll also discover how to use Twitter effectively. That is, how you can use Twitter to increase your customer base and increase your sales.

What is Twitter?

Everywhere I read the definition “Twitter is a microblogging social network” but do not think the average (not an expert in online marketing) well people understand the definition. In other words, Twitter is a social environment that allows you to contact online with many people through short messages. But I would go further. Twitter is a marketing tool that allows you to send important information to your market on Twitter (your followers).

On Twitter there are different types of users ….And a large percentage are beginner

On Twitter you can find celebrities (movie stars, politicians, athletes), most of which have a following because they are already known and need not be promoted. There are many people who want to “follow” their news. But most Twitter users are people like you and me who have started using Twitter and still have many “followers”. Do not worry you’re not the only one who begins to use Twitter! Not the only one who knows how to use it! In general, most users have the same problem. When beginning to use Twitter, you will find many users with 5, 10 or 20 followers.

How to use Twitter and how to attract new prospects

The big question is how do you get followers on Twitter? Because without fans Twitter is not useful. Some accounts Twitter of “ordinary” people have 1000 or 5000 followers. What is your secret? Here I give you some tips so that you too you attract many followers.

1. Define what target market you want to use Twitter

Who you want to send your message. What interests them? How can you solve their problems? What information can be valuable to them?

2.Start “tweet”.

The only way how you build your connections on Twitter is participating. Your “tweets” (short messages sent by Twitter) are your best “advertising”. If you have “tweets” (information for your target audience) why people are going to follow? One of the most important things in online marketing is content. The tweets that give added value to your audience, you can help in any way, give them quality information that can help them solve their problems. So do no tweets anything, tweets quality content for your target market. And do not worry, the tweets are not only own messages. Twitter allows you to transfer important information from the website (news, blog posts, articles, websites, etc). Retweet against your tweet is a key of your social promotion. It will create more engagement and more interaction with your followers. If you are in beginning stage of your twitter promotion you can Buy Retweets from Devumi.

3. Follow others.

a)Follow leaders in your sector.They can give you important information to convey to your target audience. For example, if you are in the area of ​​sports, you can “follow” newspapers and sports magazines.
b)Follow his followers.These followers are interested in your sector. If “follow” a sports magazine, chances are that athletes are interested in buying your products and services (one gym, fitness products, website about sports, etc …).

c) Looking for people who can match your customer profile. You can find it using “Find People”, which appears in the top bar, next to “Home” and “profile” widely used. Enter a word or keywords related to your target market. For example, if s in the fashion industry, you may be interested to put “fashion”, “fashion” or “clothing”.

4. be interactive.

When you’re on Twitter you should really be in Twitter. With an account abandoned nobody will follow. It’s amazing the percentage of people who have tweeted once or twice and left the account. According to statistical data shown by the blog “Convince & Convert” (2), 53% of those registered on Twitter in the United States never involved. At first, as elsewhere, it is a bit difficult to find good songs to share, and also respond to your followers. But after a while you get used to and start sending and respond naturally. The beauty of “talk” on Twitter is that it is a public and direct conversation. conversation by other people “online” may be interested, engage and connect to you. So be interactive and start getting more Retweets.

5. Do not focus on you and what you need.

Twitter is not only to promote you. Twitter does not work to sell your products directly, and to send 10 tweets on the same day your great deals. Twitter is about giving good information to solve the problems of your audience. As I mentioned earlier, Twitter allows you to “transfer” information, Twitter is not about promoting your information only but also of others. Followers who are your “tweets” interesting you considered a leader in your industry, and will turn to you if you need any of your products or services.

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