Oculus and Samsung continue to develop products together

September was the month when they conducted the IFA 2014, one of the fairs of technology largest in the world. Of course Samsung was there present, and not only unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 but also a new accessory for this phablet. We’re talking Gear VR, virtual reality helmet that the company has developed with Oculus . This company, which as we know is owned by Facebook for a while, is developing an own helmet (highly anticipated by the way) called Oculus Rift.

Given its expertise in the sector, decided to give a hand to Samsung in your project. Oculus handled the software while South Korea took over the hardware. What was originally seen as a simple association seems to become much larger one, since both companies continue to work together in the development of other products.

This was announced by CEO and founder of Oculus VR, Brendan Iribe, the third Startup Nations Summit in Seoul recently. This is an annual event where new companies and companies competing to win the support of some industry giants such as Google, Huawei, Hyundai Motor, to name a few.

Iribe said he would not give specific details about the projects they and Samsung will develop in the coming months. The CEO has just indicated that continue to have a close relationship with South Korea after the launch of Gear VR, which incidentally is practically around the corner.

Samsung has not revealed the kind of products you develop with Oculus from now on. Is it something related to virtual reality technology? Probably, but at this point we can not take anything for granted.

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