Pinc VR: Time to turn your iPhone into a virtual reality device

The virtual reality is becoming to reach a greater number of people. With certain accessories such as Google or Samsung Cardboard Gear VR for example, use a smartphone to enter the world of virtual reality has become fairly straightforward for many. The problem of the accessories is that for now are only compatible with certain phones that run Android, leaving users of iOS with empty hands. How will access a virtual reality world through an iPhone?

Well if you are wondering that, then Pinc VR is the answer you are looking for.

Pinc VR is a new peripheral that is being funded through a campaign on Indiegogo. This device allows us, along with an accompanying application, connect an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to take a virtual reality environment. The concept is very similar to what makes VR Gear Galaxy Note 4 as safe as you may have noticed.

But the Pinc VR provides some additional surprises. The accessory includes two digital controls in the form of rings, which can be used to control various elements around us. Cordon, project development firm, says the idea is created from the concept of spatial computation. This is a simple way to immerse you in an iPhone in a big world of virtual reality.

The Indiegogo campaign has just begun before yesterday, so if you want to contribute your sand granite for the project from now you can.

The field of virtual reality is slowly becoming one of the most lucrative market and are confident that more companies will join him soon.

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