The Razer Nabu will be released on December 2

Whenever we encounter a greater amount of wearables in the market and these are mainly in the form of smartwatchs and sports or fitness bracelets. A company that has long been developing a sports bracelet is Razer, known for producing peripherals for gamers. It has now been announced that the new Razer fitness bracelet, known as the Razer Nabu, will be available from December 2, at least in the US market. The Nabu was originally announced at CES 2014, but its launch had to be delayed a couple of occasions. Now those who want to buy it can do so in a few days from the website of the company or through resellers. Each unit is priced at $ 100.

The Nabu is compatible with iOS devices as well as those who run with Android, and can connect to them via Bluetooth LE. The device works in conjunction with several fitness apps, which record data of all kinds on our performance and are used to program the bracelet. While the original model had two screens, Razer finally decided to give a single OLED display with resolution of 128 × 32 pixels.

Through this screen you can see alerts for calls, messages and other notifications. Using the accelerometer, the bracelet can keep track of daily activities and our sleep patterns, sending all the details back to the Nabu Fitness application, which also has integration with iOS App Health.

The Razer Nabu supports some third-party apps, including those that can be downloaded from the app store Razer. The device is available in two different sizes, is waterproof and its battery lasts between 2-7 days, which sounds pretty good.

While it will be available from December 2, who is part of Razer Insider may try to get one of the 5,000 units that the company has in store before the official launch.

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