Next year you can recharge your tablet wirelessly

While many are waiting for the arrival of wireless refills the world of laptops, others are expecting the same for tablets, although it seems their wait will be shorter than some thought. While the Nexus 7 (in picture) can be recharged wirelessly, here we are referring to large tablets, including 10-inch models or similar.

The firm Free scale announced the development of a new wireless recharging system that not only work with tablets, but also for medical devices laptops and others. The idea is to bring technology recharge wirelessly to devices that are larger than traditional smartphones and phablets.

Free scale’s new system is 15 watts and will be coming to market in the course of next year, although the company still has not specified an exact date. It is said that this new system will be three times more powerful compared to refill smartphones Free scale launched a while ago. As has been reported, even be compatible with the Qi standard for wireless recharging of Wireless Power Consortium, we do not know if any Qi device that can use the full 15 watts.

Refills wireless technologies continue to improve, but still are very slow compared to traditional carriers, which are able to leave our smartphone butt within an hour or two. A recharge via USB also generally slower compared with a charger means, but still remains faster than wireless. Such systems still have many things to improve before they can be maximized.

Tell us: What do you think about the technology of wireless recharging?

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