The Samsung Gear VR is now available

The market for devices of virtual reality is starting to grow, and Samsung is one of the companies that are responsible for that. We know that South Korea has its own virtual reality headset, the VR Gear, which was developed in conjunction with Oculus, one of the most recognized firms in this sector. As of now, the technology of virtual reality will be increasingly available to the public, and a sample of this is the availability of the new Samsung Gear VR called Innovator Edition for the company. It is not a model designed exclusively for developers, but one available to the masses, but is not bad to be informed on the subject to give proper use.

The VR Gear is now on sale in the US and we can get him for only $ 200. Of course we must remember that today is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 , so if we have the latest South Korean phablet nothing is going to serve have the helmet. What’s “Innovator Edition” will not joking, because if you want to make the purchase product page forces you to acknowledge that you are purchasing an oriented to pioneer this technology device. In other words, you should not buy one of these unless you really know what to do with him, which also means you should be knowledgeable in what refers to virtual reality.

Recall that the Gear VR has no screen itself, so if you have a Galaxy Note 4 does not serve you at all. Something that makes the Gear VR stand out above the Oculus Rift is that there needs to be connected to a computer, only the aforementioned smartphone, making it a true mobile virtual reality.

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