The main Google searches for 2014

Now that we’re entering the last weeks of December, it’s time to look at what has left us 2014. There are many online services that are publishing summaries of what has been this year, and obviously one of those is the No. 1 Internet search engine, Google. You may remember that a few days ago Bing unveiled a similar summary.

Google has now revealed what were some of the top searches conducted during the year by users around the world. Obviously no major differences between the results of Bing and the giant network are expected, but still worth seeing the list.

Google it used to give the name of “Zeitgeist” to these lists, but now simply called “The Year in searches”. The summary of the company leaves us with the most wanted and most popular of all 2014 issues.

A general and globally, Robin Williams has won the first place, surely remember the famous actor died in August and the news reached the farthest corners of the network. The second theme of the year’s most wanted was Ebola, the dreaded virus which started to be worldwide sensation between June and July about. In third place we stand with the biggest sporting event of the year, which was none other than the World Cup in Brazil. Malaysia Airlines ranked 4 takes due to the disappearance of flight MH370 and the fall of MH17 in Ukraine. Closing the top 5 we have the famous challenge of the ice bucket, whose purpose was unfortunately misunderstood.

A level of electronic products, most wanted were the iPhone 6, the Galaxy Nexus S6 and 6, which are left with the first, second and third respectively. The list is completed by others as the Moto G, the Note 4, the LG G3, the Xbox One, the Apple Watch, etc.

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