4 Ways to Streamline the Tooling Process

Do you want to have something made? Because the injection moulding process is relatively expensive to get started, it helps to be sure exactly what you want. Here are some tooling tips for the injection moulding process that will see you on the way to a successful project.

  1. Understand Which Plastic You Want

It is not essential, but it does help if you know which polymer you will be using before the start of the project. Different plastics have different specifications and uses – your project will be more successful right from the start when you have a good idea of the material you need. Of course, you may need advice to get the right plastic. By choosing a professional injection moulding company with many years’ experience in creating plastic parts you can get good advice about what you need. If you have decided on one plastic but later change your mind it is likely that the change can be handled, without any modifications or with small modifications. Your choice of plastic depends on a variety of aspects including heat resistance, strength, price, chemical resistance, etc.

  1. Get Your Specifications Right

When you start the project, make sure that all your specifications are laid out right from the beginning. When the injection moulders have all the details they can help you get to your end result in a more cost effective, cheaper way. You ultimately have the responsibility to make sure that you have specified aspects like how well the parts need to fit together, and what their function is. If you have not specified something at the start, any changes that need to be made will be covered by your budget. On the other hand, once you have everything on the page and the company is taking on the project, they are committed to completing it to your specifications.

  1. Pay Attention to Lead Times

The timing on a project is important and you must make sure you don’t get caught out. Within the lead time from tool layout drawing approval to the first samples, there are a variety of factors you need to deal with. For example, the drawing takes time and then there are the modifications you may need to make after the samples have been made. For example, you may need to polish the surfaces or make adjustments so that the parts fit together more effectively. If you have ordered from a company that is in another country you will also need to add in the shipping time. By using a UK company such as www.dataplastics.co.uk, this time element can be cut out.

  1. Look For Ways to Get the Cost Down

It’s true that plastic moulding can be expensive but there are ways to cut the price. Production is cheap, so if you can guarantee sales you will be able to cover the initial outlay. The tool material can be changed to reduce the price (within reason) and if you have a longer timescale you can also cut costs.


Image courtesy of mrpuen / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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