Celebrities in Instagram lose millions of followers

Celebrities in Instagram lose millions of followers

If you enter Instagram frequently, probably more than once you’ve crossed the account of a celebrity who has millions of followers, and inevitably you wonder how they manage to get such quantities. Well, in some cases these followers are real people who really are interested follow the celebrity in question, but in other cases, we stumbled upon followers who have been bought for people to think that a person is more famous than in actually is.

Instagram apparently has tired of so many bots and fake accounts, so we decided to perform a cleanup. The site has erased lot of inactive and fake accounts. How many have been deleted exactly? Well, in the case of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, have lost no less than 1.3 million followers to give you an idea.

Celebrities in Instagram lose millions of followers

A striking case was that of user chiragchirag78, which had nearly 4 million followers. We are talking about an ordinary user, not a celebrity. After cleaning is done in your account, your follower count has been reduced exactly to 8. Other regular users with thousands of followers have also suffered Instagram decided after sweeping the floor.

Some are happy with the steps that Instagram has taken, as this will generate less trash content in the portal, but others are angry because they have advertising that depends on the number of followers you have, and having less that did not benefit them.

If you happen notes that in recent days has lost a lot of followers on Instagram, then you know what the reason.

Tell us: What do you think about this move from Instagram?

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