Things That Use Caster Wheels

If you’ve ever wondered how many things hamilton casters are used for, you’ve come to the right place. These little wheels are powerful and dynamic versions of the original wheel that stand up to intense industrial use as much as they function great in an office.

Since they are the backbone of so many important, everyday objects, here are 20 things that use caster wheels.

office chair

Office Chairs

Probably the most obvious and widely-used of the bunch, almost all office chairs will have a set of several casters on the bottom to allow them to move freely in and around the desk.

Food Carts

You may not notice it when you are buying that hotdog on your morning commute, but most food vendor carts have casters on the bottom. That’s how they get from place to place and sell where the market is best.

Hospital Beds

Since patients in a hospital need to be moved from room to room, caster wheels play a huge role in accomplishing this important and timely task. Without their reliability and function, moving patients would not be as easy or effective.

Dolly Carts

Used heavily in the manufacturing and shipping industry, dolly carts are a staple tool in getting things from place to place. Without caster wheels, unloading and moving heavy equipment would be a lot harder.

Travel Luggage

A lot of suitcases nowadays have 4 swivel casters on the bottom so you can sport the typical pull-behind or standing-case walk. This makes getting to your flight on time much easier!


Without swivel casters at the front, wheelchairs simply would not function. No matter how high-tech the wheelchair is, there will always need to be casters!

Kitchen Islands

Now you might be thinking, “my kitchen island doesn’t move but I wish it did!” Go ahead and install some heavy-duty locking casters on the bottom and you’ve got yourself a rolling island!

Garbage Bins

No, not the ones you wheel to the street every Wednesday, but the big ones out behind the supermarket or the ones tucked into the corner of an apartment complex. Since casters have the ability to function under extreme amounts of weight, it makes them a great option to use on things that need to last for a long time.

All in all, it’s clear that casters play an important role in getting many things from place to place in a convenient and efficient way. Without them, the world would not be the same.

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