The justice system needs to be changed.

I know that our country faces many problems right now there are cases that are still unresolved. There are many pending cases in our court that are counting for many years now and there is no result of justice for the victim. For so many cases that our justice system that needs to be done more and more pending cases were really taking too long and most of it maybe even forgotten.

Let’s face it my readers for my own opinion and belief about our justice system here in our country if you have no power or should we say the credibility or if you are not known or you just a normal people living in a country, justice is hard to achieve I myself agree to that.

I am talking for personal opinion in general like for example if you are against the rich people and you are just living a simple life would you even think you have the capacity to achieve the justice that you deserve? Come to think again my reader I have watched news and in the end the victim will end to just settle for an agreement because they know they have no power to find the right justice that deserve.

I am getting old now and until the same justice I am witnessing. Those who have names and say in the country could only get justice and for those with the lower living here in our country has no power to fight for their right as a victim.

I am not here to say that rich people are more powerful than those living and eating three times a day but my point here, is the right justice for everyone whether you are rich or not. After all crimes does not require if you are rich or poor, if one person is a victim I just hope they find justice and not to the extent that it will count for many years before getting it.

justicephoto credits: Pixabay


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