The hope !


…the hope!
I just found out about the existence of this platform, and I made this account.
Because I have had bad experiences with other similar platforms admit that I’m a little wary!
I sincerely have the hope not to be disappointed here.
We want to build together a new community, and everyone will be happy and earn money together .
I hope you manage to write articles that would be very interesting, very exciting, to be read and which to appeal to most
between members here!
I still could not make an article so interesting, because it is my first article here, and the moment I want to fit in with this platform. But I hope that one day I will have enough inspiration to many articles I write interesting and enjoyable!
I will be very happy and satisfied!
You have been accustomed to writing here? Still do not know if you can really earn money here, but I hope so!
We wish success to all members and admins platform!I know that, this article first, it may seem boring and uninterestingI have great pray that admins do not consider this article as an affront .It is an article, as I said above, an article hope! An article in which I express my desire to succeed together users and admins to make a blog interesting and successful, to socialize, to enjoy what we write and what we read here, and why not recognize, and we are glad that we can make some money with our articles. I am sure that this community will grow and we will be proud to have been here since the beginning!In closing, I will attach a poem written by me, and I hope you will enjoy it to read. Thanks for the patience with which you read this article.

For you
for you flower,
I want to become cloud,
to get wet, and grow nicely.
for you flower,
I would transform into sun,
to get can heat and,
caress to get with my rays,
for you flower,
would I do mountain,
to get cool,
in the hot nights of summer,
for you flower,
I would transform into ocean,
Where to get sleep by wave,
and sleep to be smoothly,
for you flower,
I would pretends wind,
I can passing through of your tresses,
for you flower,
would I do miss,
so miss that you can love me …
romance of a flower …

Have a nice day! 🙂

Ps: attached picture is my property



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